The power of Deaf Jam is greatly amplified by our outreach activities, which encompass:
    • Distribution and Marketing of the educational DVD
    • Sign Language poetry workshops
    • Integrated deaf/hearing poetry workshops
    • An annual online sign language poetry competition

Deaf Jam's outreach gained an international dimension when the film was selected to participate in the American Film Showcase, an education and diplomacy program sponsored by the US State Department and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Many of the Deaf schools that we visited, while touring with the Showcase, were missing enrichment programs, and in some countries, sign language was not standardized.

Our goal is to bring sign language poetry and positive role models from the film to students who do not receive regular, if any, encouragement to explore and create with an art form that is unique to the Deaf - sign language poetry.

Your donations will contribute to:
    • Follow-up poetry workshops to countries recently visited with the American Film Showcase
    • Distribution and Marketing costs for the Deaf Jam Educational DVD
    • Streaming costs for the film which has been translated into 6 languages (Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Taiwanese)
    • Sponsoring workshops with artists from the film at U.S. schools where Deaf Jam is currently screening.

For more information about our activities and to schedule a workshop click here.

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