get involved . There are an estimated 560 million people in the world with some degree of hearing loss, and nearly 2 million Americans are deaf. Approximately 92% of deaf children are born to hearing parents and many of these children are brought up in households where sign language is not used, thus cutting off their most basic form of communication and expression.

Deaf Jam Outreach Campaign is a two year national initiative that aims to revitalize the endangered art form of American Sign Language (ASL) poetry, and empower deaf youth. The goal is to cultivate communities of young ASL poets across the U.S. and link them with their hearing peers involved in the national poetry slam scene.

Get Involved:

Host a Screening
Join the online community
Start an ASL slam group in your community
     See the map below for classes and existing groups

Promote ASL as a second language option in your
     schools. See how UCLA did it and check out these

          Deaf Bilingual Coalition
          Deafhood Foundation
          Audism Free America

Current education for the Deaf tends to focus on skills that will merge the Deaf into the hearing world without any consistent programs to cultivate creativity and champion what is unique to the community – the LANGUAGE. The project is aimed at both a general public and the Deaf community.

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Connect with people interested in American Sign Language and ASL poetry though events, poetry slams, community screenings, and classes.

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ASL Poet Mentor

Bring the film to your community! If you would like to host a community or educational screening of Deaf Jam, all you have to do is fill out this form and we will send you the film.

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